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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


The Ancient Eyes Pre-Order Contest & Traveling Fiction Show

Here’s the deal. Anyone who preorders this book from any bookseller will be included in this drawing. I will work with the publisher to make sure we get all the numbers worked out for the different booksellers taking pre-orders. There will be a GRAND PRIZE and four runners up.

The Grand Prize will be a hand-bound manuscript copy of Ancient Eyes, annotated, illustrated and decorated by the author. I intend to cut leather (some of you remember when I hand-sewed pigs for “My Eyes are Nailed…” the chapbook from Delirium. Something like that, I suspect…I have no idea how to do it, or how I WILL do it…but I WILL do it…and the winner will have a one-of-a-kind collectible edition of this book that will no doubt be as odd as it is rare…

That’s the start.

From there I’m branching out. The other four prizes will begin with gift certificates.

The first is $50 certificate for to be spent any way you like – plus two of my own books from my own stash (my choice).

The Second is a $50 certificate for Cemetery Dance Publications - same deal as above, plus two books of my choice. Thanks to Brian Freeman and Rich Chizmar for helping make this happen.

The third is a $50 certificate with our friend and all around book dealing nice guy- Bill “Alienmotives” Lindblad at his on-line store. This one comes with a copy of “The Mote in Andrea’s Eye,” signed by the author (me) and the following deal. If you are a member of the Shocklines Forum you will receive $75 worth of books for your coupon – if you spend the coupon on works that were either written by me, or that I am a contributor to – you will receive $100 worth of books. How’s that for a deal? Click here to visit Bill’s on-line bookstore and check out the goodies that could be yours!

The final gift certificate is worth $50 with a local bookstore (who also sells on line) named Carolina Moon Books Melanie has some VERY cool antique books, as well as a lot of others that you might not find at the standard genre stores…because she doesn’t run a genre store. This one also comes with two books by me (my choice) as the Shocklines coupon did.

Can you tell I want to SELL this book? I also intend to do a podcast of the excerpt that you can read at My Web Site

So….go. Preorder this book. You know you want to. You won’t be charged at any of these sites until the book ships…some of them not until it’s in the store…

Preorder Ancient Eyes from

Help me reach 200 copies as soon as possible. The sooner we do it, the sooner the book will come out – the sooner you can WIN.




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